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TC Hydraulic Torque Wrench calibrator

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Hydraulic Torque Wrench  Calibrator TC-20 (20000N.m)

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibrator TC-20 (20000N.m)

  • 【specifications】TC-20(0-20000N.m)
  • 【category】Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibrator
  • 【price】
  • 【Shelf date】2015
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Product introduction

The TC testing instrument is made of aluminum-titanium alloy and ultra-high-strength alloy materials. It is manual control + digital display output, and can detect torque in both directions. It is widely used in occasions requiring strict pre-tightening torque to detect hydraulic torque wrenches to ensure the output torque of hydraulic wrenches. Precise.



Technical Parameter


Product Features

1. All-aluminum-titanium alloy cover and support plate, with high strength, good toughness and light weight
2. Digital display integrated display, easy to adjust
3. High detection accuracy ±0.5%
4. One detector can replace the square plug-in, which is suitable for a wide range of wrenches
5. The pivot point of the reaction arm can be adjusted 360°, and different types of wrenches can be stably supported

Product parts introduction



                       1.Torque sensor        2.Counter force point      3.Torque Display        4.Handle         5.Box body

How to use?

1. Connection: The detector is placed in a horizontal position and connected to the power supply

2. Preparation: The torque display value is 0. If the real positive/negative value, press the corresponding button to adjust to 0.

3. Connect the pump station: place the hydraulic torque wrench on the sensor, insert the square drive into the sensor completely, turn the wrench to make it rest on the fulcrum of the reaction force; connect the wrench and the pump station with a hose.

4. Adjust the pressure: Start the pump station and adjust the pressure slowly. At this time, the torque value of the display increases slowly until the maximum torque is detected; if the torque value is negative, just install the hydraulic wrench in reverse. After the inspection is completed, the hydraulic wrench can be removed

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