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Pneumatic and Electric Torque Wrench Tester 20-200N.m

Pneumatic and Electric Torque Wrench Tester 20-200N.m

  • 【specifications】20-200N.m
  • 【category】扭力扳手检定仪
  • 【price】19500
  • 【Shelf date】2020年
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MDJCJ series electro-pneumatic torque tester is a split type large-range torque tester. Widely used in production control systems, it is an easy-to-operate, high-accuracy and economical testing tool.


1. The magnitude of the torque is displayed in a clear digital display, so the reading is simple and accurate;
2. With maximum hold (PEAK/PPEAK) and tracking (TRACK) two measurement methods;
3. The structure part is simple and firm;
4. The instrument is easy to carry, light and powered by rechargeable batteries.

Description of panel function keys:



(1) POWER: Power switch: ON—power on OFF—power off;

(2) RESET: reset switch: when pressed, the peak value in the hold state (PEAK/PPEAK) is cleared, and the display shows the value as zero;

(3) ZERO·ADJ: Zero adjustment knob: adjust the knob to make the displayed value zero when there is no force in the tracking state (TRACK state);

(4) CAPACITY: DIP switch: for unit range conversion: This tester has three test units Ibf.in, kgf.cm, N.m. The top one is Ibf.in, the middle one is kgf.cm, and the bottom one is N.m;

(5) MODE: electric hold/tracking/pneumatic hold Switch: electric hold above

technical parameter






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